AMERICAN TESTING, INC. has provided professional Testing Services on over 4000 projects since 1984.   We offer the following examples of  the  various types of projects, in Health Care, Government, Commercial, Educational, Public  Service, and  various  Office  Facilities.







American testing, inc.





All work performed by this agency is covered by the AABC National Project Performance Guaranty and are performed in strict accordance with the AABC National Standards.  We have three [3] AABC Certified Test and Balance Engineers (TBE) on staff providing competent and quality workmanship to the industry. 



AMERICAN TESTING, INC. has been around since 1984, so we really mean it when we say we're here to help you. 


All of our highly trained Technicians are AABC Certified and are SMWIA Journeyman Sheet Metal Workers.  They are constantly learning the latest technology and trouble-shooting techniques through training sessions and their work is continuously monitored by one of our professional TBE's.