Operations Manager of AMERICAN TESTING, INC., manages scheduling, project plan review, and computer technology.   An AABC Certified Test and Balance Engineer (TBE), ACG Certified Commissioning Technician (CxT) and a SMWIA Journeyman Test and Balance Technician, since April 2003.    Jeremy is responsible for creating and updating our electronic reports and moving ATI toward a paperless TAB Agency.    His vast knowledge has enabled our Technicians to create reports in the field for easier/faster submission to our clients as well as up to the minute deficiencies to the client for faster completion of projects. Jeremy is currently serving on the AABC Marketing Committee.


Founding Father of AMERICAN TESTING, INC., circa 1984. Pat was an AABC Certified Test and Balance Engineer (TBE) and began testing and balancing in 1967. For ten years, he served as an instructor for the Testing and  Balancing Program at SMWIA Local 100, Baltimore.  He was an active member of the AABC since 1984, and is a Past President.  Among his accomplishments, he chaired the committee which wrote the AABC National Standards for Total System Balance, the AABC Test and Balance Procedures, the AABC Training Manual, and was actively involved in the AABC Training Video Series. He was a liaison between the SMWIA and the AABC and  has published many articles and technical papers in the TAB Journal. He retired in April of 2008 to enjoy his garage with his beloved  Chevy's and left his son and daughter to carry on his legacy.  Pat passed away on February 9, 2018 due to heart failure.





President of AMERICAN TESTING, INC.,  in charge of estimating, site visits, and report review.  An AABC Certified Test and Balance Engineer (TBE)/ACG Commissioning Agent (CxA) and a SMWIA Journeyman, he has been testing and balancing since 1987.  Mike has also completed the training program on IAQ investigating and monitoring and is certified by the National Coalition on Indoor Air Quality as well as the Service and Start-Up course for Phoenix Controls and is fluent in most DDC control systems.  He is currently serving as President for the Associated Air Balance Council.


Vice President of AMERICAN TESTING, INC., manages all financial and accounting operations. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park and has been an employee since 1989.  Christine is responsible for payroll, benefits, billing, accounts receivable/payable, and policy and procedure development.


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All Technicians utilized by AMERICAN TESTING, INC., are AABC Certified Journeyman Testing and Balancing Technicians, who have participated in a four year Sheet Metal Workers International Association (SMART) Comprehensive Testing and Balancing Program.   To become certified, technicians must have at least four years of test and balance experience and pass the required examination.

These key individuals provide AMERICAN TESTING, INC.'s clients with the most comprehensive ability and experience which is required to deliver the very best Field Testing and Balancing Services. Numerous other personnel are utilized to enhance our field services.  The accounting department develops job costing, inventory, billing, and payroll services.  Our Technicians produce electronic reports in the field which are sent to the office for Certification by one of our Test and Balance Engineers, then uploaded electronically to a link to the BOX where our clients can access and download all reports for their firm at any time.

The Sheet Metal Workers International Association also provides additional Journeyman Test and Balance Technicians on an as needed basis. AMERICAN TESTING, INC., also participates in an on going apprenticeship program, whereby new Journeyman are continually being developed to assist the industry in maintaining the finest technical Testing and Balancing Services in the world.